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Less than 250 days left until GDPR compliance

There are less than 250 days till May 25th 2018 where the EU General Data Protection Regulation will take effect. GDPR compliance can be difficult as it is a complex and comprehensive regulation, and preparation should not be taken lightly. The regulation is applicable for all EU member countries, which means that the same set of rules are applied across the European Union – and beyond, due to the requirements of the regulation.

Improving EU citizens’ privacy
The aim of the GDPR is to improve the protection of all EU citizens’ privacy in the acknowledgement that the Data Protection Directive from 1995 does not accommodate the need for privacy in an increasingly data-driven world. In practice, this means that all organizations and public authorities must be able to account for their use of personal data in all processes and at all times.

GDPR compliance is essential for organizations and public authorities as non-compliance with the regulation can entail fines of up to 4% of an organization’s annual global turnover or €20 million. Fines of this size could lead to business insolvency, and GDPR compliance can therefore be essential for organizations’ survival.

Who does the GDPR include?
The GDPR has set high standards to protect EU citizens’ personal data. However, the GDPR is not limited to organizations located within the EU but will also apply to organizations outside the Union’s borders if they offer goods or services to, or monitor the behavior of EU citizens. This also means that even though the UK are set to leave the European Union, organizations in the UK processing or holding personal data of EU citizens must still comply with the GDPR.

A solution for GDPR compliance
Impero has teamed up with subject-matter experts and are currently developing a GDPR compliance survey and compliance solution, which is suitable for organizations of all sizes. The solution helps organizations survey, visualize, report and manage their processing of personal data. The GDPR compliance solution will provide a clear overview of GDPR compliance, which will also reduce risk and increase efficiency.

Do you want to know how Impero and Brunn & Hjejle can help your company achieve GDPR compliance? Contact us through for more information.