Up in the sky: 6 advantages of the cloud

The cloud has become a wide concept and its various utilizations has brought on a wave of cloud-based services that help businesses run smoothly. Utilizing the cloud can entail business benefits and below are six core advantages that cloud-computing present.

1. Drive down costs
Compared to traditional desktop software, using a cloud-based GRC solution can often lower the company’s IT expenses. Cloud solutions generally have fewer technical requirements than traditional desktop software and using the cloud can thereby drive down capital expenditure on hardware and upgrades.

2. Cope with demand
IT needs change and your needs today may not be the same tomorrow. When your company grows, your cloud environment should grow with you. Fortunately, many cloud solutions let you scale up or scale down, allowing the solution to suit your current needs.

3. No need for installation
When using the cloud, there is no installation on your devices. Avoid spending money on software upgrades and keep purchase of devices to a minimum. Unlike software, the cloud does not have any technical requirements and will generally not slow your device down.

4. No worrying about maintenance
The cloud lets you focus on what you should be focusing on: Running your business and not worrying about IT issues and maintenance. A managed cloud solution means that your hosting provider will do the maintenance work for you. Aside from monitoring your infrastructure and keeping your data safe, your hosting provider can provide you with creative solutions to your needs and expert advice on keeping your infrastructure working efficiently.

5. Easy access to information – no matter where you are

A cloud solution allows you to easily access information no matter where you are – all you need is an internet connection. This allows you to work from anywhere, thereby not being limited by your geographical location.

6. Collaboration without complications
Collaboration in a cloud environment allows you to communicate and share information easily and securely. When working on a project across different locations and departments, the cloud is an ideal way to ensure that employees, contractors and third parties have access to the same files.

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