Closing Excellence facts

Earlier this year, EY held Closing Excellence Seminars in Aarhus and Copenhagen based on their 2018 Nordic Closing Excellence Survey. The survey focused on common characters of high-performers [...]

How mature are you?

Many companies are continuously working on their control baseline, which is great in many relations: being in control is essential to management, to improve basis for decision making and to avoid [...]

Ensure your audit trail with Impero

Audit trail and internal controls The audit trail pose a specific challenge in terms of internal controls. Internal controls over financial transactions are part of a company’s full audit trail, [...]

Single sign-on is now available

Access Impero even faster and save time  –  single sign-on is now available as an add-on. Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows users to access Impero through one common [...]

Banks battling the regulation tsunami

Last week, the Government’s expert group, whose purpose is to make suggestions for tidying up the regulation of the financial sector after the financial crisis, held what is expected to be its [...]

RegTech – what you need to know

RegTech may be a fairly new phenomenon, but its function is far from new. RegTech, regulatory technology, helps companies comply with regulations through innovative use of technology and has [...]

Impero newsletter, december 2017

Happy holidays! 2018 is near and we cannot wait to start the new year! 2017 has brought in so many awesome collaborations and partnerships, and great relations with new and existing customers, [...]

Impero Newsletter, September 2017

September has come and our latest newsletter is here. Read about news to our solution, new clients, new office in Copenhagen and our GDPR solution. New office in Copenhagen We are expanding! [...]

Workshop on Greenland

Two weeks ago, we held a workshop in Greenland for our first clients in the country, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (Sermersooq Municipality) and Naalakkersuisuit (Government of Greenland). We are [...]

Performing control self-assessment

What is control self-assessment (CSA)? In today’s business environment where a culture of dynamic risk management through internal controls is a requirement, control self-assessment is becoming [...]

Establishing a shared service center

What is a shared service center? Implementing a shared service center makes organizations capable of gathering certain activities across departments and business units. A shared service center [...]

Risk and control 101

Risk and control is a natural consequence of running a business, as performing business entails risks. For example, when selling a product, there will be the cost of producing the product, and [...]

Impero Newsletter, June 2017

Summer is here! We hope you will have a nice time whether you are working or on holidays. New people and possibilities On May 1st, Kristian Bollerup joined Impero as Chief Product Officer, after [...]

Ready for GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) On May 25th 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applicable for all organisations and public authorities. In practice, [...]

Reuse documentation with Impero

In large organizations, the same documentation can be needed in different departments, at different times and for different purposes. The same documentation that may be used internally in the [...]

Impero Newsletter, March 2017

Read about strong partnerships, enhanced global presence, analytics – new module in the making, upcoming webinar and more. Impero – compliance around the world Impero is a true [...]

ISAE 3402 – what you need to know

Have you heard of the ISAE 3402 standard? It is a standard that was developed to provide information and assessment of controls within service organizations. ISAE 3402 if often used by service [...]

SOX compliance – an introduction

The SOX act was introduced in the beginning of the 00’s, where there in the wake of several major corporate fraud scandals, came a need for protecting shareholders. The act includes eleven [...]

ISO 27001 – what you need to know

Perhaps you have heard about the ISO International Standards? Most people know ISO 9001, which specifies requirements for a quality management system in organizations. However, ISO covers a wide [...]

Hafnia Tankers aboard Impero

Hafnia Tankers needed a strong tool for keeping track of their internal controls. They found Impero to be flexible and easy to use. “Hafnia Tankers is working on becoming SOX compliant and needed [...]

Impero Two-Factor Authentication

Impero two-factor authentication (2fa) is an easy way to strengthen security when using Impero – especially when using Impero from outside the Company domain, Impero 2fa may be worth [...]

Optimize the review-flow with Impero

An extra pair of eyes can enhance the quality of business controls. In some cases, documented review may even be required in order to meet legal requirements. A review workflow is typically based [...]

Have a great summer

While you all enjoy your much-deserved vacation, we will make sure that there are new improvements ready for you in August. During the last few months, we have added a series of functions and [...]

Create user groups in Impero

Assigning multiple users to controls is now made easier with user groups. Create your own groups, or reuse groups created by your colleagues. Simple and time saving. By assigning user groups to [...]

Fixed assets controls available now

Looking for inspiration on relevant controls related to fixed assets? Impero Share is now updated with easy to use control templates related to fixed assets. We have updated Impero Share with a [...]

It security controls now avaliable

We have released new controls with enhanced focus on the it security area. Impero Share gives you a head start when you are working with it security. The new controls offer control templates [...]

Assign tags to users

Impero has launched a new feature to Impero. The feature makes it possible to assign tags to users. Using tags will make it easier to use the same control multiple times. We continually develop [...]

Payroll controls in Impero Share

Looking for inspiration on relevant controls related to payroll? Impero Share is now updated with easy to use controls related to payroll. Well-designed controls help reduce the risk of mistakes [...]

Email reminders from Impero

Impero does not send auto-generated reminders to users, but we have just launched a new feature that will allow you to send reminders manually. Impero has a philosophy about emails: Too many [...]

Impero Share gives you a head start

Impero Share is a newly launched feature that offers a head start when creating controls. In Impero you will now find a collection of industry and process-specific control templates ready for [...]