We have been busy – lots of new features ready for you

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Reassign control
Do you have controls hanging uncompleted because the responsible or reviewer is on holiday or no longer with your company? Now there is an easy way to reassign such controls to new responsibles or reviewers.

Improved scheduling
We have improved the way controls are scheduled. The monthly recurrence is now changed so instead of choosing a control being due every 3rd month, you can now pick the exact month the control is due, and skip those which aren’t relevant. Furthermore, you can now choose which workday the control is due e.g. the first, last or perhaps the 5th workday of the month.

We have finally launched Impero Datasheets. With our datasheet you can import any kind of list from excel and present this in a very easy and accessible way to one or more users. Our datasheets are already in use for keeping track of and documenting balance sheet account reconciliation, variance analysis, user access reviews, licens reviews. We will be happy to give you an online demo, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Export options
On daily basis, auditors from the big four login to Impero to obtain audit documentation. To help auditors and to meet our customers’ needs, we have introduced an easy way to export control results and underlying files and documentation.

New knowledge center
Learn more about the new features in our knowledge center. The knowledge center is accessible from the Impero menu. Click on the question mark and browse our knowledge center for help and valuable information. You can also access it directly at www.impero.dk/knowledge-center

More to come
We are currently working on a flexible and easy to use FILTER on all activity lists. Furthermore, you will soon be able to ATTACH FILES (SoPs, Guidelines, templates etc.) to controls and make these available to the users performing controls. This and much more to come soon.