The international dairy company Arla was looking for a tool to manage their internal controls in order to ensure energy and tax compliance. It had to be a simple system with the ability to handle complex regulations, and include a smooth communication platform at the same time.

Arla dates back to the 1880’s where it started as a small initiative of cooperative dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden. It has since grown into one of the world’s largest cooperative dairy companies with around 19.000 employees facilitated all over the world. Arla is owned by the farmers and work together with 12.500 farmers from 7 countries across Europe. Their mission is to provide the highest value of the farmers’ milk while creating opportunities for growth.

At Arla’s financial headquarters they are, among other things, working to follow energy and tax regulations, thus ensuring both energy and tax compliance. A key point is therefore to create alignment within the internal controls. In 2015, Impero was easily implemented at Arla, to lessen the administrative burden involved in managing energy and tax regulations at more than 40 production sites. The ease of which Arla implemented Impero was due the low training requirements and the cloud-based solution, as this meant that no software or hardware had to be installed or implemented. The complex regulations were converted into simple controls. Furthermore, the flexibility of the controls meant that they could be tailored to a specific task. With Impero Arla became capable of handling complex regulations, and could delegate the necessary controls to each of its dairies to ensure energy and tax compliance within all entities.

Using Impero has decreased the time spent on ensuring energy and tax compliance within Arla’s dairies. The increased compliance has also reduced the cost of reporting energy consumption data from dairies. That both internal and external auditors are easily granted secure reading access to the relevant controls adds to the usefulness of Impero.

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