In many cases, technology has been designed to relieve human hands and perform tasks even faster and better. The automation of internal controls is no exception and is more and more considered mandatory for organizations, needing to come up with new ways to stay competitive. PandaConnect opted for Impero as its preferred platform to document many of its controls and deliveries, and the independent financial service company has found the solution to be highly secure, intuitive and well structured. Today, PandaConnect uses Impero both internally and externally.

Implementing Impero has meant turning complex processes into simple controls. It’s a compliance solution that has optimized our daily tasks and work routines, minimized our occasional double work and facilitated our cooperation with clients, auditors and other important stakeholders. Additionally, it’s a stable solution that runs non-stop and without down-time, meaning that it allows both us and our clients to do the same, thereby enabling all employees at PandaConnect to stay ahead of the game by continuously focusing on improving and growing our client portfolios.


As traditional advantages are challenged,improvements of administrative processes,internal controls and overall compliance issues are necessary to retain the upper hand. “With Impero, the goal was to implement a world-leading compliance solution that would allow us to tap into the opportunities of tomorrow.

Thanks to the automation of internal controls and routine tasks, centralization of data and a user-friendly interface, Impero has strengthened and further developed our internal efforts to systematically ensure that many processes and controls agreed upon in our service level agreements are well functioning and performed in a timely manner”.

“Externally, Impero focuses on our ability to provide clients, auditors and other valuable stakeholders with easy, efficient and secure access to vital control elements in operation – especially the ones under the strict control of any financial supervisory authority”, says Christian J. G. Herold, CEO and co-founder of PandaConnect.



Manual, paper-based and timeconsuming internal reviewing processes and work routines Continuously seeking to improve timely execution in adherence with on-going Kaizen process


One automatized compliance solution, enabling easy and efficient roll-out of both internal and external controls and reviews


Increased transparency, accuracy and compliance throughout all operations due to automatized workflows and controls Improved overview through easy,
efficient and secure access to all evidence


PandaConnect was established as a ‘fin-tech’ area of business within Nordea Investment Management in 1997. Being extracted from Nordea in 2007 and becoming a truly independent company, the overall objective continues to be to create maximum value for clients at the lowest possible cost within investment administration. This includes areas of expertise such as investment reporting, fund service, security administration and IT. The services rendered cover control of portfolio data for clients, allowing them to make better decisions and control their overall costs. Today, PandaConnect manages assets with a trading value from a few million EUR to several billion EUR for a client base that is spread throughout a vast variety of sectors and countries.

Impero has given us a number of valuable benefits. The system and its automated workflows have made it easier for us to document everything, as we can just log on the system and draw the necessary reports for clients, auditors and authorities. In addition, implementing one common platform has made our operational efficiency and timely execution of client portfolio matters transparent to both shareholders and top management. Much in the same way, Impero automatically gives us input on resource management, as it measures our employee workload very precisely. This provides us with valuable insights into our teams’ capacity, highlighting possible bottlenecks.


Although having had very well established internal processes and frameworks in place before the introduction of Impero, PandaConnect is well aware that the automation of internal controls has laid the foundation for tapping into new business opportunities and gaining even more considerable advantages. Already now, the investment administration company emphasizes that using Impero has resulted in an easier and more trust-based customer dialogue.

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