Hafnia Tankers were in need of a solution to manage their internal controls and turned to Impero’s cloud-based software solution to aid in their pursuit of SOX compliance. They wanted a solution to replace their existing rigid solution, and that could make them capable of keeping track of and execute internal controls.

The international shipping company Hafnia Tankers was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. They provide seaborne transportation of refined oil products, like petrol, diesel and aircraft fuel, worldwide. Hafnia Tankers’ fleet consists of short-range, medium-range and long-range tankers. They continuously expand their fleet by acquiring both newbuilds and secondhand tankers, where each purchase is based on a return that takes the price, quality and performance of the tanker into consideration, thereby ensuring a strong business model.

Hafnia Tankers were working on achieving SOX compliance and needed an efficient tool to manage their internal controls. They were introduced to Impero and found it easy to implement, as well as easy to manage, as it could be operated by all employees with no need for training. Thanks to the intuitive design of the software and its accessibility from all devices with no need for software installation, Impero was implemented with a minimum of effort and immediately aided Hafnia Tankers in managing their internal controls. Impero provided Hafnia Tankers with a flexible solution where controls could easily be added, changed or adjusted, which fitted the dynamic nature of their expanding and ever-changing company.

After the brief implementation, Hafnia Tankers have efficiently succeeded in managing their controls. Impero has proven time saving due to the ever improving user experience. Hafnia Tankers are striving to achieve SOX compliance, and have the intent of make a initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange in the foreseeable future.


To learn more about Hafnia Tankers, please visit www.hafniatankers.com. To learn more about SOX compliance, check out our blog post: SOX compliance – an introduction.


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