The importance of having strong controls in place can often be boiled down to ‘trustworthiness’, or put in another way, lack of controls can lead to mistrust by stakeholders, shareholders, customers or the public in general.

Trust is important in most areas of the organization, and thus, controls aren’t limited to finance only. The CSR department may have a desire to implement controls ensuring that the ‘code of conduct’ is acknowledged not only by the company itself but also by vendors and other external parties. The IT department is relying on controls to provide stable and secure operation and may also be looking at controls to help comply with data protection directives.

Regardless of the purpose, Impero is a powerful platform for managing risk and controls across all business areas. The case stories below demonstrates the broad use amongst some of our valued customers.

SOX compliance requirements met by Hafnia Tankers

Hafnia Tankers were in need of a solution to manage their internal controls and turned to Impero’s cloud-based software solution to aid in their pursuit of SOX compliance. They wanted a [...]

Energy and tax compliance at Arla

The international dairy company Arla was looking for a tool to manage their internal controls in order to ensure energy and tax compliance. It had to be a simple system with the ability to handle [...]

Month-end closing optimized at Falck

Falck was looking for a solution that could streamline the month-end closing process. This would be done by introducing standardized controls, establishing automated workflows and by optimizing [...]


Our clients
Our clients are both global brands with worldwide market share in diverse and complex industries while we also service local and governmental organizations. Our expertise ensures strong user engagement throughout your business. Impero is an intuitive, cloud-based control, quality, appliance and compliance solution for your company to make sure processes apply to guidelines, policies and regulations, whether internal or external (governmental). Our intelligent solution automates your company’s risk and quality management system – with no expensive consultants required.

Impero Risk Management Solution is designed for the global market made easily available for all kinds of organization ensuring all users are engaged. By ensuring a highly secure, multi property, multi departmental solution for security, surveillance and risk management departments.

Our clients come to us for a highly secure cloud software with two-factor authentication (2fa) as we are already trusted by organizations and businesses worldwide to deliver better controls, higher efficiency and greater visibility across all compliance and control management.