Christmas is upon us – but we are still in control

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Merry Christmas
We at Impero wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Features such as reminders, new ways to attach files and the risk map, have been introduced. We are looking forward to the new year, which will bring new adventures like regular webinars and a new user-oriented feature.

Manage your risks
We are excited to announce the release of a brand-new risk module, which will be available as an add-on. With the risk module, Impero now offers an easy but powerful way of visualizing your company’s processes and their related risks. The risk module enables you to map controls to risks, thereby gaining valuable insights and an overview on how well your company’s risk are covered. For companies with multiple entities, mapping of controls can be delegated to the relevant responsible with a seamless email based workflow. The risk module will be part of one of our upcoming webinars. We cannot wait to show you the possibilities.

New ways to attach files
We value your time and now we have made it easier and faster for you to add documentation to your controls. With our new features, you have several options when attaching documentation: You can either drag files into your controls, you can make a screenshot or a snip and insert it directly in your controls, or browse your files and attach them as normal.

Improved activity filter
We have improved the filter on the activity lists. Now you can filter on all available columns in the list, i.e. control name, responsible, reviewer, status etc. The results can then be exported as a CSV file. This is very useful when control results for audit is needed on specific controls. To learn more about the improved activity filter, please click here.

New features
We are introducing the possibility to select a covered period for you controls. This enables you to relate your controls to a given period, i.e. current month, previous month, current or previous year.

Do you often send out reminders? Now Impero offers the possibility to send out reminders for you. To setup reminders, simply go to any control and pick one of the reminder options e.g. the day before, or the day after a control is due.
Do you want to know more about the new features? Then schedule a demo here.

More to come
We treasure good user experience. In the beginning of 2017, we will launch a new interactive guidance and help system. With this in place, Impero will guide you through various workflows in case you are new to Impero or just forgot how things are done. Much like a GPS does when driving – turn it on if you are lost, and switch it off if you know your way.
New features will also be presented when using this system. So instead of reading about new features in a newsletter, Impero will take you by the hand and show you exactly where they are and how they work.

Join our webinar
We at Impero would like to invite you to join our newest initiative: webinars. The first will be a session where we show and explain some of the new key features in the Impero solution, and some best practices learned from our customers. The first Impero webinar will take place the 27th of January 2017. Sign up here.

Tired of too many emails?
Some users receive many controls from Impero every day. It is now possible to gather these emails in one email. Instead of receiving one email per assigned control, Impero now lets you receive one email with all assigned controls. This can either be done through email settings on the profile, or through the email settings at the bottom of your next email.