CSRD. Simplified.

The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will set a new standard for companies’ ESG compliance and reporting.

But with 12 European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), almost 100 disclosure requirements and more than 1,000 data points, the CSRD will also increase the complexity of your compliance – especially if you try to retrofit current processes and spreadsheets to meet evolving needs.

Introducing CSRD Simplified – an agile, easy-to-use solution from Impero & KPMG.

It cuts through complexity to help you make sense of the new requirements, and align your processes and actions to get the job done.

CSRD in 6 steps

Everything you need to get started


Understand The Requirements

Simplify and streamline processes to create a culture of compliance

Clarify and automate complex regulation to ensure a smooth and agile process to meet your reporting requirements year after year.


Double Materiality Analysis

Focus on what’s most important

Assess impact materiality and financial materiality across sustainability topics to identify and define what your organization should report.


Disclosure Requirement Assessment

Easily obtain the information – and documentation you need

Make it easy for your team to answer and document disclosure requirements with a checklist to ensure efficiency in your processes.


Gap Analysis

Identify key gaps and empower your team to take action

Understand how well your reporting aligns with the requirements and take action to address key gaps across business functions.


Action Planning

Reduce gaps and increase adherence to the requirements

Focus your team with actionable insights to close gaps in your organization and meet expectations throughout the value chain.


Documentation & Reporting

Document what’s done and assure your reporting

Easily track your progress, store documentation all in one place, and guarantee clear audit trails to make reporting requirements smooth.

Simplify your CSRD compliance today!

Cut through the complexity and make the CSRD requirements manageable for your business.

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How can Impero help simplify your CSRD compliance?

Documentation all in one place

Document your Double Materiality Analysis

The Double Materiality Analysis template serves as a simplified guide for assessing which sustainability topics are considered material, both from an impact and financial materiality perspective.

Use the template to engage your team through workshops or gather information to make a quality assessment.

The outcome of the Double Materiality Analysis determines which CSRD components you must include in your reporting, ensuring focus on key topics that matter both to your company and society at large.

Product image of Impero's CSRD template solution showing how to document double materiality analysis in Impero
Product image of Impero's CSRD template solution showing how to perform disclosure requirement assessment​ in the Impero platform
Tackle complexity with confidence

Perform your Disclosure Requirement Assessment

Complex standards are structured in simple checklists. Empower local and global teams to collaborate on mandatory and material disclosures through clear roles, responsibilities and deadlines.

Activities such as disclosure checklists, approvals and reminders are communicated efficiently with automatically-triggered notifications, avoiding manual assignments.

Easily create new tasks and controls with relevant details to further furnish the disclosure checklists and strengthen your sustainability processes.

Guided action on your gaps

Identify your gaps and prepare your actions

The gap analysis will determine which mandatory and material disclosures are not currently covered by your existing processes. With predefined gap types, you will be guided toward which actions you can establish to continuously improve your sustainability reporting and meet your requirements.

Create actions with specific instructions and automate these with clear deadlines and assigned responsibility.

Overview of your entire reporting journey

Real-time insights at your fingertips

Get an instant and full overview of your reporting – from your initial Double Materiality Analysis to your progress against mandatory and material disclosures.

By tailoring and automating real-time reports, you can easily get an instant overview to share with stakeholders. Quickly understand key sustainability insights like your compliance with ESRS standards, as well as your gap analysis and completion rates.

Product image of Impero's CSRD template solution showing real-time insights in the Impero platform
Ensure audit-readiness and trust in your process

Clear, full audit trails you can share with auditors

With a streamlined end-to-end process as well as a full audit trail, structures and transparency are ensured to prepare for and comply with the new CSRD and ESRS requirements.

Using Impero’s assigned reading rights, auditors can seamlessly trace the activities carried out and the documentation, giving them the confidence and clarity they need to provide limited assurance for your sustainability reporting. 

Simplify your CSRD compliance today!

Cut through the complexity and make the CSRD requirements manageable for your business.