Automation of SOX compliance and internal controls
equaled instant time saving for Hafnia

Dynamic organizational growth required a flexible compliance tool

Introducing Hafnia

Hafnia was created when Hafnia Tankers and BW Tankers joined forces, creating the world’s number one product tanker fleet. The company owns and operates more than 100 product tankers and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with offices in the United States, India, and Singapore.

Rapid growth requires the right tools

As Hafnia continued its rapid growth, there was an increased need for a tool to efficiently handle SOX compliance and internal controls. 

Hafnia chose Impero due to the ease of use, quick implementation, and user-friendly interface. Prior to implementing Impero, Hafnia found itself unable to track and execute internal controls.

Flexibility is key

Requiring a flexible solution with high transparency, Hafnia quickly and seamlessly implemented Impero. As Hafnia continued its dynamic growth, the importance of a flexible compliance tool became even more evident. Impero provided Hafnia with an agile solution able to keep up with Hafnia’s changing needs.

Quick results and instant time saving

Upon completing the brief implementation phase, Hafnia was immediately able to roll the Impero solution out across the organization. Compliance controls were easily automated and Hafnia experienced instant time-saving. Furthermore, Impero eases SOX compliance and allows a concise and thorough overview of controls. Hafnia continues its use of Impero today as our solution is now implemented across the organization.

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