Energy and tax compliance gets simplified in Arla

Complex regulations converted into simple, easy to manage controls and tailored to specific tasks.

Introducing Arla

International dairy conglomerate Arla has since its founding in the 1880s grown into one of the world’s largest cooperative dairy companies. It is owned by farmers and its products are found across the globe.


Easing processes and automating flows

As Arla was searching for a tool to manage their internal controls and ease their energy and tax compliance processes, the company was introduced to Impero. Our solution met Arla’s requirements of simplicity as well as being sophisticated enough to handle complex regulations and ensure automation of processes.

In 2015, Arla implemented Impero to lessen the administrative burden involved with managing energy and tax compliance at more than 40 production sites. Our solution was quickly put to use, as it only required quick onboarding and no installations of software. Arla’s complex regulations were converted into simple, easy-to-manage controls and could be tailored to specific tasks.

Time and cost savings at Arla

Arla continued to find new uses for Impero and our solution has today expanded from energy and tax compliance to including internal organizational controls. Arla reports significant savings in both time and cost and applying Impero in additional business areas seemed to be a natural next step for the organization. 

Since its 2015 implementation, Arla has decreased the time spent on ensuring compliance, as well as reduce the cost of reporting.