Month-end closing optimized at Falck

A primary focus to streamline month-end closing processes


Falck was looking for a solution that could streamline the month-end closing process. This would be done by introducing standardized controls, establishing automated workflows and by optimizing the balance sheet reconciliation process.

Introducing Falck

Since 2004, Falck has accomplished significant international success by exporting services, which Falck has developed in close collaboration with the Danish public sector through 100 years. Thanks to solid Danish experiences with public cooperation, Falck provides services in 30 countries and has 27,000 employees globally.

At Falck’s financial headquarters, month-end closing is an ongoing repetitive process that involves a large group of employees. The tasks related to closing are various and many. A central task is performing balance sheet account reconciliation to ensure that the balance sheet is accurate. However, performing balance sheet account reconciliation is usually very time consuming, and with a large group of employees having to reconcile and review thousands of accounts, the risk of error is significant.

Efficient tool for internal and external users

When Falck took on Impero, the primary focus was to streamline the month-end closing. The business object was to reduce the risk of error, reduce the time spent on closing, comply with the company policies and to provide auditors with easy access to all relevant documentation. All month-end controls were standardized, review of workflow was quickly automated and the essential exercise of performing balance sheet reconciliation was moved from spreadsheets to Impero’s platform.

All tasks, including documenting and reviewing balance sheet reconciliation, can be performed without users having to login to Impero, instead tasks are simply sent via email and opened in any browser on any device. Auditors have been provided with access to Impero, and have now one access point to the documentation they need.

Assurance and accountability is easy with Impero