Region Syddanmark

Optimizing the Finance Department in Region Syddanmark

Centralizing all data and documentation meant a substantial reduction in time spent.

Optimizing the Finance Department
Photo credits: Region Syddanmark

About Region Syddanmark

Region Syddanmark is the southern-most region in Denmark and has a population of 1,2 million citizens. The regional authorities’ tasks span far and wide and concern all citizen-related issues with the exception of taxation. As such, Region Syddanmark has a large internal system and employs more than 24,000 people across a multitude of functions.

Ambitions of elevating quality

In 2013, Region Syddanmark had a goal of elevating quality within numerous areas with the finance department specifically wishing to heighten efficiency thus ensuring the best possible citizen service. As a complex organization, Region Syddanmark searched for a tool to simplify their financial processes and chose to implement Impero because of the tool’s intuitive user interface and ease in which processes could be automated.

Efficiency and quality go hand in hand

Upon implementing Impero, Region Syddanmark found numerous unexpected benefits such as the reminder function, which quickly and hassle-free alerts employees of upcoming tasks. Centralizing all data and documentation meant a substantial reduction in time spent on manual tasks as well as saving manpower in different functional areas within the finance department.

Instant results and happier employees

Region Syddanmark was very involved in the implementation of Impero and set of compensating controls, internal consolidations, reporting, and documentation schemes. With Impero, they optimized and automated their financial processes and reduced the complexity hereof. Additionally, time was saved and Region Syddanmark saw improvement in quality with employees finding the solution user-friendly and transparent.

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