Email reminders from Impero

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Impero does not send auto-generated reminders to users, but we have just launched a new feature that will allow you to send reminders manually.

Impero has a philosophy about emails: Too many auto-generated emails have the opposite effect of the intended purpose. When you receive too many emails from the same system, you become immune and start to ignore the emails.  In addition, studies show that too many irrelevant emails raises stress levels in the workplace.

We strive to keep the emails sent from Impero at a minimum. This is why Impero doesn’t send auto-generated reminders. However, reminders can be very useful, and this is why Impero has launched a feature that allows you to send reminders manually.

You can send reminders from controls that either awaits completion or has expired. The reminder will be sent to the user immediately by email.

Read more about Impero, if you want to know what our cloud solution can do for your business.