Even better reporting functionalities in Impero

Many organizations experience challenges due to tasks and controls being performed for multiple purposes. For instance, an inventory count would probably be a key control for both the legal manager of an entity, for the supply chain manager, for a sales executive in the group, and for the internal and external audit. However, all of these stakeholders would like to have the control performed according to their own needs and wishes. Therefore, these stakeholders may not even know that the same control was also performed last month, or in a slightly different manner by another function.

Impero is an easy and intuitive solution to facilitate your internal controls. Impero brings the controls to life, gives you access from everywhere, allows you to share control evidence and documentation with all stakeholders, and gives management on-time information on control status.

Now, you can create reports with control results for every single stakeholder, and save these as standard reports.

Moreover, these standard reports can be sent to specific stakeholders on a pre-defined schedule, so that a local legal manager receives a standard report every month on a given day, showing controls for her og his legal entity, regardless if these controls are being performed in the entity, in a centralized shared service center in the group, or even by a third party. The person receiving the report does not need to have access to Impero, or in fact even to know of the solution: the report is simply pushed to the regular inbox of the receiver.

Enabling these enhanced reporting functionalities have already helped a number of our clients with improved insight into controls running in ‘their’ company, entity, function, segment, etc., regardless of what organizational setup they may have: everyone can have a report created for them, which shows exactly the control results, they would like to see.

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