You can add data to your data sheet by clicking on either “Create a new data sheet” or “Use an existing data sheet”.

To add data to a new data sheet, click on the title of the program under “Your programs” on your Dashboard. Click on “Add data sheet” under “Data sheets”, fill out the form and click on “Save and edit data”.

To add data to an existing data sheet, click on the specific program under “Your programs” on your Dashboard. Go to “Data sheets” and click on the title of the data sheet you want to add data to.

Data can be added be either copying data from Excel or by typing it manually. To insert data from Excel, select the column(s) you want to copy in Excel, then go to your data sheet and insert the data. You can manually add data by typing in the cell you want to add data to.

In order to use your data sheet in a control, you must provide data to the defined columns.

Rows can be added or deleted to fit your needs.

If your data contains numbers with separators, select thousand separator and decimal separator.

Click “Save the data sheet” when all the data has been provided.