To assign users to a new control, click on “Create controls” and go to “Assign”.

To change the assigned users of existing controls, click on the specific program under “Your programs” on the Dashboard. Then click on the title of the control of which you wish to change the assigned users.

Assign responsible:
To assign user responsible to your control, type in a user or a user group under “Assign responsible”.

A control will be inactive until it has been assigned to a user. It is possible to assign one or more users or groups to the control. You can easily create a new user if the one you need has not been not created yet.

Please note that users do not get a new email notification if you edit the control on the same day the control was sent. If you need to send the control again without changing the due date, you have to remove the users, save the control, and reassign the users. After reassigning the users, the control will be sent again.

Assign reviewer:
To assign a reviewer to your control, type in a user under “Assign reviewer”

The reviewer receives an email that lets the reviewer know that they have been given the task. When the control has been completed, the reviewer will be asked to confirm or reject the control after the completed review. It is optional to assign a reviewer.

You can require assignees and reviewers to login to the application before completing the control.

Check the box if you want to make sure that your assignees and reviewers are valid users in the application. Assignees and reviewers from outside your organization cannot complete the control when you check this box.