To create a new report, click on “Reports” in the menu.

Select between:

Standard Report:

Standard reports collect and present control status. Each Control generated is treated as a single line item for the control. Therefore, controls assigned to multiple users will all be counted separately. There are two types of standard reports:

  1. Status Report: The status report displays the status of all control results for a specific period.
  2. Workload Report: The workload report project future workload

Task Based Report:

Report on answers from radio buttons. The regular status report is a traffic light report (on time, pending or overdue), whereas the task-based report reports on the answer of the radio button question from the controls.

Datasheet Report:

Datasheet reports present reports based on data entered into a particular datasheet.

To create a datasheet report, go into the control program where you have a datasheet, in the datasheet 3 dots menu select datasheet report. Use the Adjust View option to select or deselect the data presented as per your reporting needs and select save from the 3-dot menu. This datasheet report can now be viewed from the Reports section of the dashboard menu.