There are three types of access rights, “Sender”, “Edit/Read” and “View”. A user will never be able to view more than what is within the type of access.

To manage the program access rights, click on the title of your program under “Your programs”. Click on the three grey dots in the upper right corner and select “Edit”. Then go to “Users with access to this program”.

Access is granted from program level. You can grant access individually on all programs, thereby securing that only relevant users are granted access to view completed controls within the program.


All controls sent from Impero will be provided with the name of the sender responsible for the program. This can be an individual user like the Head of Finance. You may also choose to create a user representing a department, for instance “Group Finance “. The sender will not gain any access to the program.


All users assigned with “Edit/Read” access will be able to manage the program. This means creating, editing, and deleting controls within the program, managing the program access rights, and viewing history of controls completed within the program.


Users with “View” access will be able to monitor the program in their Dashboard. A “View” access also grants the user access to review all history of the controls completed within the program. Furthermore, “View” access is needed when using data from the program within a report.