Sometimes a control needs to be reassigned in case of temporary absence like sick days or holidays.

A control that is pending or overdue can now be reassigned to a new responsible or reviewer. This can be helpful if the responsible or reviewer is on holiday or no longer a part of your company and thus resulting in controls not being completed.

To reassign an assignee or reviewer of a control, locate and select the control on any activity list, from the 3 dots menu click “Reassign”. Search the user you wish to reassign and click “Ok”. If the control was setup without a reviewer, it will not be possible to reassign a new reviewer.

If you wish to reassign a control to a new user click the search field and select “Create new user”.

It is also possible to select multible controls and reassign these to a new responsible in one go.

After reassigning, the new responsible or reviewer will receive an email with a link to the control that needs to be completed.

The control log will be updated and reflect the changes made.