To schedule a new control, click on “Create controls” and go to “Scheduling”.

To change the schedule of existing controls, click on the specific program under “Your programs” on the dashboard. Then click on the title of the control you wish to change the schedule of.

You can set your control to be executed one time or to follow a fixed schedule.

Set recurrence to one of the following options using the dropdown menu below “recurrence”.

  • None: The control will run one time only.
  • Weekly: The control will be run at the specified weekdays. You can choose more than one day if you want your control to run several times a week. Furthermore you can make the recurrence every 1 to 6 weeks.
  • Monthly: The control will run at the specified months. You specify on what day the control should be due, here you can either set a specific day of the month, or chose a business day e.g first business day of the month. The business days does not take holidays into considerations.

Set notification using the dropdown menu below “Notification”

  • Notification lets you specify how many days or weeks before the due date the control should be sent (from 1 day to 8 weeks before due date).

Set due date for your control by clicking on the date below “Due date”.