We have added the following features, new and updated to Impero:

New Features:

     1. Segregation of duties:

  • The new feature enables users to enforce segregation between control performer and the reviewer so as to ensure that the reviewer of a control is not the same as the assignee.
  • Where the reviewer is the same as the assignee, an error message will be displayed.
  • Where user groups are used, reviewer option will be taken away for the individual who claims the control.

     2. Claiming controls in User Groups:

  • Where controls are assigned to a group of people instead of an individual, duplication of work becomes a potential challenge. To avoid this, it is now possible for individuals in the group to claim a control for themselves. Once claimed, the control becomes primary responsibility of the claimant. However, others in the group will still be able to complete the control be logging into the system.
  •  All notifications and reminders (if any) will only be sent to the user who claimed the control. Others can view the open controls from the “Your Pending Items” list from their Impero dashboard.
  • Default claimants can also be set by system administrators by using the Create/Edit control function.

        (Read more about using user groups in our “Assign Users” in “Control” section in the Knowledge centre)


Changes and Updates:

     3. Improved details in printing of report:

  • Printing a status report from Impero will print the URL of the report.

     4. Editing Data Sheet

  • Improved “Copy-> paste” function while adding data from excel into Impero data sheets.