We have added the following features, new and updated to Impero:

New Features:

  1. Scheduling Controls:
  • We have changed the way you schedule controls! It is now possible to set custom due dates as your task requires, schedule for periods covered instead of calendar dates and much more.
  • Pre-set periods: once the due date for the control is set, Impero will automatically assign the period that the control will cover. This enables users to find actual control result based on period rather than dates.
  • Controls can now be scheduled monthly, quarterly, every half year as well as yearly in addition to the periods available earlier
  1. Reviewer Notification:
  • Due dates can now be specified both for the preparer and the reviewer giving both defined periods for control submission.
  • Where a reviewer is assigned to a control, scheduling of the control can be modified to ensure reviewer gets minimum specific days to review a control after submission by preparer. This will change due date for the assignee to an earlier date and notify the reviewer once the assignee submits the control.
  • The final due date for the control will remain the same.
  1. Financial Year and Holiday Calendars:
  • It is now possible to add a custom financial year and holiday calendar specific to your organization. It will enable accurate due date scheduling and help you to monitor timelines.
  • To add an organizational calendar, reach out to Impero at support@impero.dk

(Read more about scheduling controls here)

  1. Risk assessment in Risk Center
  • Calculate risk scores for each of your risk statements by adding numeric values for specified criteria’s. Instead of relying on subjective risk category, use numeric data and formulas to arrive at a risk score. All such data and base calculations can be stored and assessed in the system, helping in more accurate risk assessment.
  • To design a risk matrix specific for your organization, reach out to us at support@impero.com


Changes and Updates:

  1. Working with Data sheets:
  • Count of files attached to data sheet controls are now displayed in the data sheet control result. Open completed control result to see which of the datasheet items have supporting documents attached.
  1. View Pending Actions list:
  • Find all your outstanding controls, where you are a preparer or a reviewer from the new combined list. Go to your Pending Actions tab from the dashboard.
  • Filter your “Pending Actions” list by typing key words into the search bar at the top of the page.
  1. Increased file size limit: Upload files upto 200 MB into Impero.
  2. Improved efficiency of the “Filter” option when multiple field values are used.