Push Report

Pre-defined reports can now be automatically sent out to various stakeholders on a periodic basis. Create the report you want using the Create Report section and click the three dots menu in the [...]

Save Reports

Pre-design and save your reports in Impero. It is now possible to design and save a specific report structure for your data to facilitate easier reporting with Impero. Filter your data to display [...]

Types of Reports

Select between: Standard Report: Standard reports collect and present control status. Each Control generated is treated as a single line item for the control. Therefore, controls assigned to [...]


Export Report results

To generate a report with your data, click on “Reports” in the menu. Then click on the report title. By default, the report displays data from the past month. Filter down to the data as required [...]


Create new report

To create a new report, click on “Reports” in the menu. A] Select between:      Standard Report     Task Based Report      Datasheet Report Read more about types of reports here. B] Filter for [...]