Impero newsletter, december 2017

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Happy holidays!

2018 is near and we cannot wait to start the new year! 2017 has brought in so many awesome collaborations and partnerships, and great relations with new and existing customers, that we are eager to get on with another year full of opportunities. Another reason that we are looking forward to 2018, is that we are in the midst of introducing several new initiatives to our solution that will bring even more value to our customers and partners.

A look back on 2017

A year of strong collaborations
For many companies, GDPR has ranked high on the agenda in 2017. Protecting the data privacy of the citizens of the EU has become an important affair for the legislators of the European Union. An important first step of complying with the GDPR, lies in mapping and assessing data flows, processes, systems and data subjects, creating transparency and the ability for companies to account for where and how data of citizens of the EU is processed and stored within the company or its associates. Our customers have already used Impero to map thousands of data flows ensuring the important Article 30 documentation.  In order to bring most value to our customers we have teamed up with deeply engaged and competent law firms who has contributed with their knowhow on GDPR to the Impero solution.

New Nordic agents and partnerships
In the Fall of 2017, we have been visiting our Nordic neighbours and established promising partnerships in Greenland, Iceland and Norway. We are looking forward to offering our neighbours not only our fantastic compliance solution, but also professional assistance within finance, IT and GDPR from our new partners in the North. We look forward to setting sails with all agents and partners in 2018.
Starting in early 2018, we will focus on establishing partnerships throughout Europe. If you want to hear more about our plans or want to become a partner, please reach out to Thomas Maersk, our newly hired International Partner Manager, at

Impero newsletter, December 2017

2018 – what is to come

The robots are coming – and Impero is opening up for integration
With 2017 coming to an end, we are looking into the Impero roadmap for 2018. Throughout the year, we have been blessed with valuable feedback and ideas from our customers and partners. A returning topic is Robotics.
A great number of controls in Impero have the nature of being detective, typically monthly recurring actions. There is an enormous value add if these controls can be turned into automated or event driven controls and thereby ensuring a preventive approach. We believe this can be done by opening up Impero for integration and thus embracing the emerging trend of using Robotics in the business environment. This will help automating workflows and improve control environments, and in the end, save time. We will be happy to hear from you if Robotics resonates with your dreams for 2018.

Focus on making security and user-friendliness go hand-in-hand
Improving security is a never-ending task for every software vendor. Impero has in 2017 made a number of security enhancements, and we have amongst other strengthened our password requirements, which unfortunately may affect user-friendliness. We are therefore currently working on offering Windows Active Directory integration and Single Sign-On (SSO). We will be able to offer this service already from January.

Making Impero an end-to-end solution: Building a Third Line of Defence
Impero is already an intuitive and scalable solution facilitating work with internal controls, processes and documentation. During the past year, we have spent time and resources on further improving the possibilities of documenting the links between Risk & Control using Impero’s risk module.
To make Impero a complete end-to-end solution, we are looking to introduce monitoring functionality in 2018, allowing internal and external audit teams to perform and document monitoring of the operating effectiveness of controls, and thereby build a Third Line of Defence on top of the controls. This means one solution that embraces risk assessment, control management and independent monitoring of the lot – all done in a highly user-friendly fashion. Please let us know if you want to contribute with ideas or find this topic interesting.

Keep up with Impero
Keep up with Impero through our LinkedIn page. We seek to inspire our followers through subject-matter expertise blog posts and interesting case stories, as well as updates to our solution and so much more.

See you next year! 

To sum up, 2017 has been a great year for Impero. We have partnered with many new and exciting corporations in both the private and public sector, and we have strengthened our team with experienced, hardworking and ambitious people.
We hope that 2017 was a great year for you and your organisation as well, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2018!