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International successes for Impero: Enters into agreements with German giants of industry

Transparency. Reliability. Trust.

Building trust and transparency between people, institutions, and companies is a universal imperative. 

Impero enables companies to deliver what they promise to become and stay compliant.

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1/3 of OMX C25

Impero supports proactive compliance in 1/3 of companies in the Danish OMXC25

68% ARR Growth

Impero closed 2020 with a 68% increase in Annual Recurring Revenue

Users in 100+ countries

Users in 100+ countries around the world complete compliance processes using Impero

Equity story

Meet Impero’s CEO Rikke Stampe Skov and learn more about our mission and the values that drive the team behind Impero.

The video is in Danish

Join CEO Rikke Stampe Skov & Michael Friis of HC Andersen Capital
Join CEO Rikke Stampe Skov in conversation with Michael Friis of HC Andersen Capital as they discuss Impero’s business case and the expected growth journey
The video is in Danish
Meet our Chairman of the Board, Jørgen Bardenfleth
Join Jørgen Bardenfleth, Chairman of the Board, as he shares how his lengthy experience in tech showed him why Impero is a strong growth case 
The video is in Danish
Join expert investor Lars Kolind & CEO Rikke Stampe Skov
Gain inspiration as famed investor Lars Kolind explains his vision as one of the initial investors in Impero and why he continues his support of the company
The video is in Danish

Customers and partners trust Impero

Invest in Impero

Impero is a scalable business case with a strong product-market fit. 

Our internationalization strategy is driven by a proven go-to-market strategy, led by our highly skilled, professional team and supported by an experienced and competent Board of Directors.


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22 MAR, 2022

Annual report 2021

21 APR, 2022

Annual General Meeting

05 MAY, 2022

Quarterly report (Q1)

25 AUG, 2022

Half-year report (H1)

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The Founders

Impero was founded by Morten Balle and Jacob Engedal Sørensen. At the heart of their mission was the knowledge that companies and organizations have an inherent desire to adhere to and improve compliance measures.


Rikke Stampe Skov


Rikke Stampe Skov is the Chief Executive Officer of Impero A/S. 

Rikke Stampe Skov drives the company’s vision and has been imperative in securing Impero’s strong and consistent growth, basing her initiatives on her vast experience in combination with agile innovation.

Prior to joining Impero, Rikke Stampe Skov spent several years as partner in PwC, co-chairing the Risk Assurance Services service line. Rikke Stampe Skov’s extensive career also includes leadership positions with Maersk, ISS, and Siemens.


Rikke Stampe Skov holds multiple degrees within business administration, commercial law, and board management from Copenhagen Business School.

Rikke Stampe Skov own, through Blue Squared ApS, 658,930 shares in Impero A/S. Rikke Stampe Skov privately owns 66,660 shares in Impero A/S. 

Rikke Stampe Skov privately holds 1,012,500 warrants in Impero A/S.

Allan Lykke Christensen


Allan Lykke Christensen is the Chief Technology Officer of Impero A/S. 

Allan Lykke Christensen is instrumental in the continued development of the Impero platform and securing its DNA of intuitive and efficient risk and compliance management. 

Prior to joining Impero, Allan Lykke Christensen was the CTO of Boyum IT Group and also served as Head of Delivery & Optimization with the LEGO Group for several years. 


Allan Lykke Christensen holds a degree in Computer Science and E-Business from Loughborough University, United Kingdom, as well as diplomas in Informatics and Business.

Allan Lykke Christensen privately holds 90,000 warrants in Impero A/S. 


Jacob Engedal Sørensen, Sales Director & Founder, Impero
Jacob Engedal Sørensen


Jacob Engedal Sørensen is the co-founder of Impero. Jacob Engedal Sørensen envisioned the concept of a compliance platform combining digitized automation of controls with intuitive workflow from which Impero was born. 

Jacob continuously supports the organization with its rapid market expansion and business development.


Jacob Engedal Sørensen is educated in financial auditing and IT auditing from Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences. 

Morten Balle


Morten Balle is one of the co-founders of Impero. Morten Balle has, since the conceptualization of Impero, been key in product development and innovation and the seamless unification of simplicity and compliance. 

Prior to co-founding Impero, Morten Balle worked within Enterprise Risk Services with Deloitte. Before this, he also held positions as an IT Business Consultant with larger, Danish organizations. 


Morten Balle holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Computer Science.

Board of Directors

Jørgen Bardenfleth


Professional Board Member


Jørgen Bardenfleth the Chairman of the Board at Impero A/S. Jørgen Bardenfleth is a serial investor and board member in several organizations operating in tech, MedTech, science, and consultancy. 

Jørgen Bardenfleth’s long experience within the technology and IT sectors include executive positions with tech enterprises HP, Intel, and Microsoft Denmark. He is also an educator with Copenhagen Business School and Board Assure. 


Jørgen Bardenfleth holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from DTU.

Independent of Company

Jørgen Bardenfleth privately owns 125,000 shares in Impero A/S.

Jørgen Bardenfleth privately holds 195,000 warrants in Impero A/S.

Sten T. Davidsen


CEO at Kolind A/S and Jacob Jensen Design A/S


Sten T. Davidsen’s long career within executive positions includes the positions of CFO and KMD A/S and CEO at KMD BPO A/S as well as the COO position with Oticon A/S.

Sten T. Davidsen is a dedicated member of several boards of both small and large Danish companies. His vast experience spans management, finance, IT, legal, strategy, and change management. 


Sten T. Davidsen holds a Master of Science in Economics as well as several executive diplomas from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania and International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Not Independent of Company

Sten T. Davidsen privately holds 325,000 warrants in Impero A/S.

Carsten Gerner



 CEO at Carger Invest ApS

Carsten Gerner is a serial board member with extensive experience within audit and risk management. He has been one of the key players within Danish Big4 as the former Territory Senior Partner and CEO of PwC; a position which he held for more than eight years.

Carsten has an extensive track record as a non-executive board member in several large Danish companies. His highly specialized competencies include management and leadership, an Carsten also advises on strategy and organizational development. 


Carsten Gerner is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Science in Business Administration. 

Independent of Company

Carsten Gerner owns, through CARGER INVEST ApS, 149,720 shares in Impero A/S.

Carsten Gerner privately holds 10,000 warrants in Impero A/S. 

Line Køhler Ljungdahl

Chief Legal Officer at Bang & Olufsen A/S

Line Køhler Ljungdahl is the Chief Legal Officer of Bang & Olufsen A/S and member of the Executive Management Board with responsibility for Global Legal, IP, Commercial Brand Protection, Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance, and Insurance. 

Line Køhler Ljungdahl has an extensive career in various executive positions within legal and as an attorney with Kromann Reumert.


Line Køhler Ljungdahl holds a Master of Law from Copenhagen University and an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

Independent of Company

Line Køhler Ljungdahl holds no shares in Impero A/S.

Martin Pronk


Martin Pronk has long and thorough knowledge of the start-up ecosystem due to his ventures in this sphere. Martin Pronk currently serves as CTO and co-founder in the SaaS company Queue-it, a position which he has held for more than a decade.


Martin Pronk holds a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering from Aalborg University, a degree in Advanced Control Engineering from the University of Hull, and an Executive MBA in Leadership from Copenhagen Business School. 

Independent of Company

Martin Pronk owns, through Green Dot Holding ApS, 5,830 shares in Impero A/S. 

Martin Pronk privately holds 10,000 warrants in Impero A/S.

Jørn Gregersen Grove

Jørn is a professional investor in a series of companies and has longstanding experience from a number of industries. 


Jørn holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from Aarhus University.

Not Independent of Company

Jørn Gregersen Grove owns, through JG Invest & Consult ApS, 4,717,170 shares in Impero A/S. 

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