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Add or update multiple users

When creating users, it can be very useful to import or manually create multiple users.

To do so click “Users” in the menu and click “Create” then select “Create multiple users”. Fill in Email, first name, and last name or copy the information from a spreadsheet.

Remember to select the right language, time zone, and whether or not you wish to grant the user with a login to Impero.

Create new user

To create a new user, click on “Users” in the menu. Then click on “Create user” and fill out the user details in the form.

Users are created using an email address.

If the user is already created in the user list, and you want to grant the user an Impero login, click on the three grey dots next to the user and select “Invite”. You can perform controls without being granted login to Impero, as long as you have been created as a user.

Users outside your organization can also be created and used for assigning controls or granted access to one or more programs. You can provide an auditor access to Impero, only granting reading access to relevant programs or a specific control.

All users created can be assigned to controls, but in order to get login access, you will need to be invited. To invite users, you need to be user administrator. The role can be given to you by another user with this role.

Create new user group

When administering many employees, user groups offers an easy way to administer multiple users, assigned to one or more controls.

To create a new user group, click on “Users” in the menu. Click on the tab “User groups” and then click on “Create user groups”. Provide the group with name, suitable description, and start adding group members.

You must be user administrator to create user groups.

Delete user

To delete a user, click on “User” in the menu. Then click on the three grey dots next to the specified user, and select “Delete”. Click on “Ok” to delete the user.

You can activate a deleted user again by creating a new user with the same email address. The user will have to be granted a new invite to Impero in order to login at the website, since the login has been deleted.

To delete users, you have to be user administrator.

Edit your profile

To edit your profile, click on “My profile” in the menu. Then click on the three grey dots in the upper right corner and select “Edit”.

The user profile is personal.

You can change your master data, set the preferred language, change the password in your profile, and change your time zone. When you change the language or time zone, it will affect both the language and time of the Impero solution as well as emails you receive from Impero. Your language preferences do not affect those you work with or the emails sent on your behalf.

The time zone you set in “My profile” will be the one used as standard when creating a new control.

Your email address is unique to your user profile, and it is not possible to change the email. If you want to change your email, you need to create a new user and delete the old one.

Search for users

In order to search for different users in Impero click on “Users” in the menu. You can choose between “Users” and “User groups”. Search by typing your search criteria in the search field. You can add more than one criteria at once.

You can select/deselect all by clicking the checkbox in the upper left corner next to “Name”.