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Create new report

To create a new report, click on “Reports” in the menu.

Select between:

Standard Report:

Standard reports collect and present control status. Each Control generated is treated as a single line item for the control. Therefore, controls assigned to multiple users will all be counted separately. There are two types of standard reports:

  1. Status Report: The status report displays the status of all control results for a specific period.
  2. Workload Report: The workload report project future workload

Task Based Report:

Report on answers from radio buttons. The regular status report is a traffic light report (on time, pending or overdue), whereas the task-based report reports on the answer of the radio button question from the controls.

Datasheet Report:

Datasheet reports present reports based on data entered into a particular datasheet.

To create a datasheet report, go into the control program where you have a datasheet, in the datasheet 3 dots menu select datasheet report. Use the Adjust View option to select or deselect the data presented as per your reporting needs and select save from the 3-dot menu. This datasheet report can now be viewed from the Reports section of the dashboard menu.

Edit / Delete Report

Open the report you want to edit or delete and use the 3-dot menu to perform action required.

Please note, Report edit or delete function is limited to the “Report Manager”

Export Report results

To generate a report with your data, click on “Reports” in the menu. Then click on the report title.

By default, the report displays data from the past month. Change the time range by clicking on the date range in the upper left corner of the report.

Filter down to the data as required and use the 3-dot menu to export the report to excel.

Filter for required data

Use the filter bar to narrow down control results by Program, User, Group or Period. Type the name of the Program or select the same from the list provided.

Set Date range

Create and save report formats with dynamic date ranges that can be used as a standard report for all future needs. While saving a report, select save with Dynamic filter option and set your preferences on the report results. Date ranges can be set with two options:

i) Dynamic Due date range: This feature enables you to create a report based on the due dates of controls. Once set, all controls falling due (completed and overdue) within the date range will be included in the report

ii) Dynamic Period range: This feature enables you to create a period-based report such as monthly, quarterly, annually etc. All controls due within the specified period will be included in the report