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Control management

Automate your entire compliance process and save time by digitizing your control workflows.

Scalability and enterprise-level security

Digitize the entire workflow from controls setup to follow-up and reporting

Easily set up automated emails for pending actions, approvals and reminders to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Save time on creating controls and enjoy a balanced workload.

Enjoy a simple way of sharing knowledge and documentation with new team members and colleagues.


Save time on creating, assigning and scheduling controls

Always rest assured relevant controls are in place, have a responsible user appointed and reminders sent out whenever controls are not completed on time.

Rely on automated control completion reports with clearly defined KPIs.

Quickly set up automated emails for pending actions, approvals, and reminders.


Controls and tasks, compliance software

Rely on full transparency

Monitor the completion status of all controls in one dashboard and easily separate reports between entities, markets, and functions.

Easily define and customize numerous and dedicated controls that drive your compliance.

Organize and delegate tasks, deadlines, and approvals to ensure a smooth and effective compliance process.

Control management system

In large, modern organizations, implementing controls and control follow-up is a complicated task – unless you have the proper tools. Software solutions can support you, by putting processes in place and automating your tasks.

Often, e.g. in an audit, you will be asked for documentation proving that you live up to set standards. Control management systems like the Impero platform help you gather and organize documentation and protect you in the audit process. Significant savings on time and cost is an added benefit of automating your control management.

The system makes it easy to stay compliant – and to document your compliance.

In a control management system such as Impero you can:

  • Update controls or add new ones without disturbing the control process
  • Easily re-assign controls when a contributor changes
  • Support processes
  • Immediately see exceptions and outliers (e.g. controls not performed)
  • Ensure communication and follow-up
  • Collect documentation, tagged with meta-data and easily searched
  • Report on all controls within a single platform

What is control management?

Sometimes you need to check to make sure. Controls are usually procedures or technical safeguards made to prevent problems and protect the organization and its assets – and, of course, to protect its employees. 

Controls exist in the context of standards or of a plan. Managing controls demands structure and may involve many stakeholders across an organization. 

Control management typically has these steps:

All steps in control management can be broken down further. 

“Impero grants us overview and ensures our controls are communicated to our group and performed in a uniform manner year after year.”

Pernille Christensen
Director, Head of Tax & Compliance