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Documentation and audit trail

Ensure a smooth audit process and establish the foundation for a culture of compliance.

Documentation and reporting

All your documentation in just one place

Stay on top of all regulations and compliance programs with a single hub for all required documentation. Impero automatically archives documentation from all your controls and processes in one platform.  

Easy to navigate

Documentation in Impero is archived in an easily accessible structure. Past and current documentation can easily be tracked. Meta data and a clear data hierarchy makes your documentation easy to find.

Ensure clear audit trails

You can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on providing accurate documentation for any audit process.

When a control or task is completed in Impero, the documentation is automatically in place. No need to export and compile documentation for audit – you’re ready.

Share documentation with your auditors

Compliance documentation can easily be shared with an internal or external auditor by granting view access to the audit trail, the compliance control results, and the associated documentation in Impero.

It’s easy and the auditor’s physical presence is no longer required, saving costs and reducing carbon footprint.  

Not documented?
Not done.

Trust and audit is easier if documentation is in place, routinely and without question.