Impero is a strong and intuitive cloud-based solution that supports easy management of all varieties of control. Impero solves the daily challenges that companies meet when dealing with controls. Controls need to be scheduled and delegated, performed and documented, monitored and reported. Impero offers a unique solution of control without entry barriers – one place to deal with risk and controls efficiently and with ease.

It’s hard to imagine – but working with risk and controls can be fun. Every single day Impero struggle to make the solution better than the day before – this to satisfy our customers and make them happier.

  • Morten Balle
    Morten Balle Co-founder, Managing partner
  • Jacob Engedal Sørensen
    Jacob Engedal Sørensen Co-founder, Managing partner
  • Michael Holm
    Michael Holm Chief Commercial Officer
  • Kristian Bollerup
    Kristian Bollerup Chief Product Officer
  • Per Olsen
    Per Olsen Senior Sales & Business Development
  • Thomas Mærsk Pedersen
    Thomas Mærsk Pedersen Sales and business development executive
  • Morten Christensen
    Morten Christensen Sales and support manager
  • Emmanuel Surleau
    Emmanuel Surleau Chief Technology Officer
  • Arnaud de Bossoreille
    Arnaud de Bossoreille Senior software engineer
  • Simone Berg Larsen
    Simone Berg Larsen Online Marketing Coordinator
  • Thomas Aagaard
    Thomas Aagaard Intern
  • Lars Kolind
    Lars Kolind Co-founder
  • Jørn Grove
    Jørn Grove Co-founder, Board member
  • Dorthe Tolborg
    Dorthe Tolborg Board member
  • Sten T. Davidsen
    Sten T. Davidsen Board member, Chairman
  • Rikke Stampe Skov
    Rikke Stampe Skov Board member