Streamline your


Impero provides a strong and intuitive solution for managing month-end closing. With Impero you can optimize your processes and save time and resources with a minimum of effort.


  • Month-end close is a time-consuming hassle. A myriad of tasks to keep track on, balance sheet account reconciliations should be performed and documented and on it goes. At the same time, financial and accounting leaders are expected to deliver an accurate statement of the organization month after month. Having a structured month-end closing process is key to free up resources for core business activities. Impero help companies streamline their month-end closing process.

Streamline month-end close

Most companies use excel, local file shares, and mail flows to handle the month-end closing, leaving lot of room for errors.

Impero is a cloud-based solution that will enable you company to:

  • Speed up month-end close
  • Reduce risk of errors
  • Allow access to all relevant employees and external auditors

We help several companies such as Falck, Maersk, and William Demant streamline their month-end close. Read our case stories here.

Stay on top of the entire month-end close process

Schedule your month-end closing controls to fit the needs of your entity. Delegate the controls to relevant users. If needed a reviewer can be applied as second approver. Perform the controls with ease. Click on a unique link in an email to perform the month-end closing control. No login to Impero is necessary. Documentation of the controls is easy. Attach a quick snippet or an upload of the documentation with our drag and drop feature. Monitoring the progress of the month-end close helps you gaining a quick overview of pending and overdue controls to identify bottlenecks.


Because Impero is cloud-based, it takes no further implementation, nor contains any consulting fees – so you can get started today.


Download our short product sheet as inspiration on how Impero can create value for you.