Control Rescheduling Made Simpler and Improved Auditability of Risk Maps – February 2022 release

In this release we focused on helping our customers become more efficient around managing their control programs. In addition, risk managers are now able to document their historical risk assessment in case of audits. Finally, we have improved the communication around the control review process.

Control - Modify schedule
Risk History Snapshot
Notification flow

Bulk Update of Control Scheduling

Risk Map History Snapshot

Better Communication on the Control Review Status

Bulk Update of Control Scheduling

Changes in your risk profile or reporting periods contributes to control deadlines needing to be rescheduled. This often amounts to several dozen controls needing to be updated one by one taking time away from more value adding tasks in your organization.  

Our promise to simplify compliance management means we have recognized the challenges that these actions may put on you and your organization, so we implemented a function to significantly cut the time spent on these tasks. Control administrators are now able to change the scheduling of multiple controls with a single click.  

This bulk scheduling update is the latest release within a series of bulk update types that have been released for control managers over the last year.

Learn how to utilize the bulk-scheduling functionality by watching these videos from our Impero experts. 

Control Programs
Change Control Details
Modify the Schedule

Risk Map History Snapshot

When undergoing a tax audit, you can demonstrate a stronger risk management culture by showing how your risk assessment looked during the audit period. By being able to document your risk assessment from different periods you can ease the process for yourself, your organization, authorities, external and internal auditors.  

With the new risk map history snapshot, you can select a date and see how your risk landscape looked at that selected date. This feature also enables you to toggle between the current and past risk map while comparing the two and gauging the evolution of your risk exposure.  

Disclaimer: You can see historical risk maps from 1st of January 2022 and going forward. 

Better Communication on the Control Review Status

Many of you have designed a review flow around your controls. Therefore, we have improved the collaboration between your control contributors and reviewer(s). Following the request of many of our customers, we have now introduced a notification to control contributors when the review of their control has been concluded.  

This allows the control performer to not only be aware of the status of their control, but also use the review flow as a learning opportunity and share their feedback. The notification is optional, and the reviewer can decide whether to include their comments in the email notification to the performer.  

What’s Next

We will focus on the interoperability of Impero with other enterprise systems through the use of APIs. We will start with allowing the integration of the data on Impero with enterprise Business Intelligence tools, such as Microsoft PowerBI, as we know many of you use this type of tool for monitoring and reporting on your compliance activities. Further integration cases will follow.  

In addition, we will continue improving the auditability of the risk assessments with even more detail on the change history. Also, we will support the review flow of risk assessments.  We will also include even more possibilities regarding the scheduling of bulk updates. 

We look forward to continuing to bring you updates and communicating new features with you again soon.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or inputs at

Pssst… Did you know that? 

You can add your own custom company calendar in Impero. This allows you to schedule your control deadlines while considering country specific holidays or company-specific business days. Read more here.