Introducing cool new features to Impero

To all our friends,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Impero offices have been closed down, but we are still hard at work to bring you improvements and upgrades on our software.

Beginning today your user-experience will change throughout your Impero platform.

We are upgrading the webapp, adding cool new features to existing modules, creating an even more intuitive user interface, giving you an enhanced user flow, and bringing you an overall smoother look and feel.

Note! These new changes will in no way influence the functionality of our software, but are focused on creating more value for you, our user.

We present to you…

Our latest update

This release consists of 58 stories in total (almost a record for an Impero release!), most of which will be unnoticeable to you, but have an impact on the experience with minor bug fixes, optimizations, and improved usability.

Highlighted are three brand new upgrades:

·     A new application bar
·     A new and improved push report email
·     An updated profile page

Compliance reporting

Introducing our new features

The new application bar will be present on all pages and improve usability significantly.

Impero’s application bar is divided into two parts. The application header which will contain page title, user profile, and your organization’s information.

The second part of the application bar is the action bar – and this is where it gets really interesting!

With this update, all actions will now be displayed in the action bar, so that any primary function will never be more than a single click away. This cool change gives immediate access to the menu wherever you are within the webapp.

Our new application bar is a big improvement in terms of usability, making it far easier for you to navigate within the app and save you time!

The new push report adds both a description and a summary within the received email and no longer just links to the downloadable report. This addition will give you an overview of the report you are viewing.

We are also adding your KPIs right there in the summary to help you keep track of perfromance. Now there’s no need to open the link received in order to collate your numbers.

Gathering your KPIs gives you a simple overview of actions needed and saves you time when working in Impero.

Another user-friendly update – brought in by popular demand – is an option to use customizable tag categories and tags in the details section of the reports. This also means you’re able to sort all your reports according to your customized tags.

Profil details and user management

The updated profile page has been streamlined, creating a sleek and user-friendly feel. The new interface will be easier to navigate and lets you update your email address. It, of course, continues to have all controls assigned to you sent within just one email.

Using a new style of input widget, changes are continuously saved for a more optimal user-experience.

A cool additional feature, which was also requested by our users, is added information when extracting control activities to Excel. With this upgrade, you can extract the entirety of the log, including any correspondence between control responsible and control receiver.

With this feature it is possible to track all changes made to any control, making Impero even more transparent!

This upgrade has been a work-in-progress for months with our development team becoming coding maniacs to bring you the best possible user experience and live up to our pledge of simplifying compliance.

With this release we take a giant leap in maintaining Impero as the world’s most intuitive compliance software – and we’re looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback.

Get in touch with us here and stay tuned for our next update which will be all about risk… Until then, stay safe and let’s take care of each other!