Leveling up! Risk Management

We’re taking care of ‘risky business’ by simplifying your risk management

As of today…

Your risk management experience in Impero will be significantly improved. We’re upgrading the risk management-focused part of our platform and are aptly naming it (you guessed it) Risk Management.

With this release (the first of two, so stay tuned for more!), we’re improving the way you manage risk and compliance and bringing you an even more intuitive platform to ensure easier organizational adoption and eective mitigation of risks.

Large enterprises and organizations will find it simpler to cascade processes and risks from group to entity level and are now able to offer entities the possibility of managing local risks.

Risk Management

All the new stuff

We’ll be presenting you with Risk Directories (coordinating hubs for your risk management), and local and global risks allowing you to cascade risks and processes through organizational lines.

Toggling between inherent and residual impact and likelihood is a feature you’ll also notice when accessing your risks – this was a popular request from you, our users, and we’ve listened! Assess the consequences of your mitigating actions and see how impactful they are.

But that’s not all! We’ve also given Risk Management a facelift with a fresher look and feel and an optimized user-experience.

On top of all this, we’ve been hard at work on general improvements (you’ll notice a new version of the activity list with improved filtering) and enhancements within the platform.

To guide you through the changes, we’ve put together four tutorials to cover the changes and show you how your company’s risk management will be different from today.


In this video we’ll take you through the basics of Risk Management in Impero. We show you how to assign risk management roles, set up your entities and create Risk Directories – the new essential to managing risks in Impero.


Learn how to easily set up processes and sub-processes and create risks. This is the introduction to working with our Risk Maps that have also undergone some upgrades.


This video shows you how to work with inherent and residual impact and likelihood – a brand new feature developed to optimize your risk management and mitigation.


By popular request, we’re bringning you a local risk setup! Subsidiaries can create processes and risks that are only applicable on a local level (marked by the well-known location pin).

Include and exclude local and global risks, heighten levels of organizational transparency, utilize subsidiary-level risks and processes for group and enterprise level learnings.

Hey Impero, what’s next?

We’re glad you asked!

There are many new features to look forward to in 2020 and without revealing too much, we can tell you that Risk Management will have even more features launched soon (we’re bringing you a wizard in this one!) and that we’re topping it up with upgrades on our user administration.


You’ll get better overview of users’ access rights to groups, programs and reports as well as easy substitution for users joining or leaving your organization.

We’re proud to help you ensure a smooth and reliable risk management process and create a sustainable and scalable compliance program with full transparency across organizational lines.
This has always been our mission and with this Risk Management upgrade, we’re pushing forward in our quest to simplify compliance.
We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback and are, as always, ready behind the keyboards if you have any questions. Just get in touch with us here!
Stay safe,
The Impero Team

Psst… A tip for optimizing your user-experience

We are constantly developing and testing our platform to ensure its use in all browsers, however Internet Explorer 11 offers some limitations and we therefore recommend accessing Impero from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to ensure the optimal user-experience.