On-time means on track – Impero’s October update

As Q4 continues apace, many organizations we talk to are already turning their mind to the Annual Report and changes in 2023.

The thing on all their minds? Efficiency. And that’s where Impero’s October update has you covered. 

This month you’ll see improvements to your overview to see your controls’ on-time rates across entities at a glance, plus notification dates as a key metric to help with capacity planning for staff absences towards the end of the year. And for users who have a specific, personalized overview of the key data they need in Impero, this month’s update includes persistent views with shareable links so you can be sure your colleagues see the same thing.

Let’s take a look.

On-time rates available at a glance

Use Status Reports to get an immediate overview of on-time rates across reporting dimensions

Are you spending a while assessing your controls’ on-time rates? Need a faster way to assess the areas which need more focus to boost your control completion or get a status report?

Introducing on-time rates at a glance.

In a status report, you can quickly get an overview of all pending, overdue, and completed controls. We’ve now added an on-time rate column so that you can quickly assess the on-time rate by control programs, controls, responsible, or by tags such as country, region, department, and business area.

This not only gives management an immediate and accurate overview of the on-time rate of controls by reporting dimensions, it will also help inform decision-making on escalation or recognition of insufficiencies. So if the control design is too complex or there’s a business area that needs to improve its on-time completion rate, management has the data to take action.  

On-time rates feature in Impero
Notification dates in reports feature in Impero

Notification dates in reports

Use notification dates as an indicator to manage workloads and ensure control completion even when people are away

As we head toward the end of the year, many organizations are planning how to manage workloads during the holiday season. But without a clear picture of what’s due by which date, and when people were informed, it can be a struggle to get things done with fewer staff.

That’s why Impero now has notification dates as a reporting dimension.

You’ll now see when a control is sent to a control performer, plus the upcoming workload for people and entities. This means you can quickly understand how many controls are distributed on a certain date and determine if you need to change the due date or redistribute the control to someone else.

The report with the notification date can be seen either visually in a chart or in a table.

Personalized overview that you can share

Find what you're looking for faster with a personalized overview of controls, users and user groups - then share the link with others

When you’re looking at a data table in an overview, it’s only natural that there are some columns you use more than others. But it’s a bit of a pain to adjust the view to only get the information you need every time.

Say hello to your personalized overview.

It’ll take the changes you make to viewing controls, users and user groups and remember them for next time. This means you won’t have to readjust the view every time, and you can simply open a bookmark in your browser with the data table to quickly get the information you need.

Plus, you can now take that bookmarked link and share with a colleague to ensure they’re seeing the same view. 

personalized overview of controls feature in Impero

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