New features to simplify your compliance – Impero’s July 2022 release

We all know that compliance never sleeps, so even in the peak of summer, the team at Impero has been hard at work to add new functionality and make it even easier for you and your team to simplify compliance. 

We are excited to roll out new functionalities this month. Whether that’s new ways to integrate with Impero, populate your datasheet automatically, or sign off for multiple risk assessments at once, this release is focused on making it even easier for you and your team to get the job done.

Let’s take a look at improvements you’ll see across the Impero platform.   

Integrate your ERP systems with Impero

Use our newly developed API to populate your datasheet automatically

First, there are expanded possibilities of integration with Impero – connecting you with new ways to reconcile transactions, balances or data sets, and reduce reliance on manual data uploads. This means you can be sure you’re always working with the latest data.

Do you have long lists of transactions that need to be verified or bank accounts to be reconciled? If so, chances are you use our datasheet functionality to upload these large datasets and include the data directly into controls. If not,  you should join our many customers that already do, or learn more.

With the new update, you can now update your datasheets with the latest data in the background instead of uploading the data manually. With our new Datasheet API you can integrate your ERP systems with Impero and upload programmatically fresh sets of data into the datasheets. Once you have set up the integration you will save time and avoid formatting errors during copy-paste.

Disclaimer: The Impero APIs are in preview and, as such, are offered as-is and without any warranty. During the preview period, the APIs can be used free of charge. Please read if you want to know more about the API and remember to stay tuned for more on APIs!

Impero ERP Integrations puzzle
Mark as assessed feature in Impero

Sign off multiple risk assessments at a time

Companies actively conducting risk management across their processes and subsidiaries typically oversee more than 100 risk assessments.

To make this task easier, you can now complete multiple risk assessments at once. For example, you can take all the risk assessments in a given subsidiary and sign them off them in bulk. The risk assessments will then be locked and show the name of the person who has completed the assessment, just as you would when completing an assessment singularly.

More efficient user management, so you can get an overview quickly and adapt to changes

Impero’s promise to simplify compliance means that over the last three years we released several tools to make the admin of control programs more effective and fast, giving you more agility.

Do you need to know which user has the most assignments, is responsible for the most risk assessments or has access to several reports? You can now answer those questions very quickly with Impero.  

You can see this data directly on the user list, without having to click on the single user profile.  

From this view, you can then remove or replace the user, and prevent disruption when employees change roles or leave the company.  

User management in Impero

Ready to reduce your reliance on manual data uploads?

Impero users will already see these highlights in action, but to unpack what simpler compliance means for your organization book a demo for a personalized tour.