Starting 2021 with new features in Impero

A new release is NOW LIVE in your Impero environment and it covers all kinds of new features in our User Management and a fresher look.

Curious to see what we came up with this time? Keep on reading!

User management – we’ll keep making it better

We are continuing work on our User Management module with new features, an improved overview, and a sleeker design. We’ve added two new lists showing users’ pending actions, meaning controls that have been sent to a user acting as either performer or reviewer.

The User Administrator can substitute a user’s pending actions and extend them to other users – making it easy to ensure work is completed without delays.

Both the user list and user group list have undergone a facelift. User Administrators can now assign roles to multiple users in one go. From the user group list, an overview of group members is available, and we’ve added new filtering options as well as an export option to export all groups and related group members.

Introducing new levels of access rights

With this release, we are making a few but significant changes to our access concept. Now all resources (such as control programs, reports, and entities) will have an administration option.

We are implementing this change to accommodate our many customers with governance procedures requiring strict segregation of duties. This feature will make it easier to differentiate between users with various levels of access rights.

Parlez-vous français?

With this release, we do! Adding to our English, German, Spanish, and Danish versions, we’ve now added French as a language for you in Impero. Switch to French by going to your profile page and selecting French – et voilà!

New icons to guide your way

We’re rolling out a refreshing set of navigation icons with a crispier new look to improve your user experience, a first step toward reimagining more aspects of the platform’s user experience.

More features coming up

We look forward to sharing more new features and platform upgrades with you in 2021. As always, we’re hard at work every day to make your day-to-day tasks in our platform as user-friendly and efficient as possible.

To continue in our mission of delivering the world’s most intuitive compliance management platform, we always welcome your insights. Reach out to us here to share your thoughts, questions, or ideas – we’re waiting behind the screen!

Stay safe,
Your Impero Team

A note for those of you still using Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft is ending support of IE11 on 17 August 2021. We have decided to follow suit and will also be ending support for IE11 on this date. Impero will continue to run on IE11, but fixes specific to IE11 will no longer be prioritized. 

Please click here for more information about browser support and technical requirements.