Upgrading your User Management experience

New upgrades to the User Management part of Impero are now available in your environment. We’re simplifying your user management navigation by improving the way users and user roles are administrered.

Improved user overview
With this release, you now have access to a centralized overview of users’ accesses and assignments. A grouping of both now appears as soon as you click an individual user’s name.


User management

Meet the User Creator

We are introducing a new user role with this release. The User Creator can create users and user groups. This role is one of administrative advantages for those often creating or importing users in Impero.

The role is limited to only user creation and some might therefore enjoy the option of assigning this role in association with additional roles.

We are also releasing a brand-new substitution feature. This means you can easily substitute or reassign responsibilities in groups and on controls making replacing users a simple task when a team member leaves the company, changes position or responsibilities.

In other news…

As the eagle-eyed Impero user may have already noticed, we have added reCAPTCHA, a new security feature designed to protect against spam or abuse cause by robots.

reCAPTCHA has been added to all anonymous pages (meaning pages where logging in isn’t required). But worry not, if you’re logged into Impero we won’t bother you with this additional security feature.

And now back to User Management!

To guide you through these newly released changes and brand-new features, we have put together two tutorial videos showing you how your user administration will be more efficient from today.

What’s happening next in Impero?

Lots of big changes are coming your way! We’re (as always) hard at work on different exciting projects and will be bringing you the next phase of our User Management upgrades soon.

While focusing on this project, we are also designing Control Management – rethinking the way you access and manage programs and controls.

We’re aiming at providing you with an enhanced overview and the much-requested ability to mass update access rights to programs as well as your control master data.

We always want to talk to you!

If you have any questions, wonderments, inquiries, queries or quizzes then never hesitate to reach out to us at support@impero.com or just click here to submit a ticket.


Stay safe out there!

All the best,
The Impero Team