We warmly welcome Kaspar and David to Impero

Kaspar Kühl, Head of Sales Germany

Impero is growing and has amazing people onboard in Germany! So, say hello or guten Tag to Kaspar Kühl. ​

Germans are not just good a manufacturing and playing soccer (at least they were good at it) – they also put a great emphasis on compliance. In short: Germany is one of our places to be. So, we are happy to have Kaspar Kühl on board, our Head of Sales in Germany. ​

Kaspar has been with KPMG for many years, helping companies to become more process-centric and digital. Just before Impero, he was a freelance adviser.

A fun fact about Kaspar is that he is the go-to guy if you want boy-parenting advise as he has no less than four of them. And when he is not occupied as a family dad, you can find him running in the forest or having a good time with friends & family – hopefully soon to come after all those lockdowns…​

For information about Impero in Germany, please contact Kaspar at kk@impero.com

To read Kaspar’s article from Re-Thinking Tax in German, go to: https://impero.com/de/verbandssanktionengesetz-die-not-zur-tugend-machen/

David Gallus, Sales Manager

David Gallus

Say hello to our new German colleague at Impero, David Gallus
David will be our new Sales Manager in Germany.
David’s been with KPMG Germany where he worked on Business Process- and Business Decision Management topics within KPMG’s consulting. Just before joining Impero, David was a freelancer (Freiberufler), and recently he also joined the Hochschule Düsseldorf as an external lecturer for programming.

When David is not busy with scaling Impero, he turns up the music and listens to Metallica – his favorite band or he takes his mountain bike for a ride.
If you would like to know more about David, feel free to contact him at dg@impero.com