Perform your ‘read and understood’ electronically

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Obtaining consent

All organizations need to distribute policies, procedures, standards and manuals to employees, and track these to ensure that employees have read and understood these documents. Managing ‘read and understood’ documents is often a time-consuming and administratively heavy task to carry out. Many organizations devote significant resources to this task as it is crucial to ensure that employees, business partners, external consultants and other third parties have read and understood policies. This is necessary in the aspects of proper guidance, confidentiality and other legal instances. However, organizations are increasingly utilizing electronic solutions to ensure that read and understood documents are managed.

Importance of ensuring that employees have given their consent
Ensuring that employees and others have read and understood company policies is crucial for the protection of the organization and its employees. Organizations must ensure that policies are created, communicated, managed, updated and enforced, in order to protect themselves from misconduct. Managing and enforcing read and understood policies helps organizations protect their intellectual property and provides valuable data necessary for legal compliance. Effective policy management –  staying up to date on standards and policies and creating an audit trail – can protect an organization from litigation in case of legal action.

When policies are updated, organizations must ensure that employees have read and understood the changes. The traditional way has been to print out policies, employee handbooks, etc. However, this method poses a heavy burden that requires both time and effort. Yet, it is important that the burden gets lifted, as mismanagement of policies can entail non-compliance, which in the end can expose organizations to legal risks and poorly executed processes.

Save time and optimise the process
Using an electronic solution to manage and store read and understood forms can ensure an efficient process. Using the right solution can ensure a fast process providing the employees with the documents, and once they have read and understood, their consent is immediately stored electronically. Time spent on handing out paper and the time spent registering it is thus limited due to the features of the electronical solutions. In case of updates, organizations can close to immediately get employees’ consent.

Impero – a solution to ensure consent
Impero has developed a cloud-based compliance solution that has a light-weight approach that helps companies achieve compliance in several areas. Impero help organizations solve various problems, including obtaining consent. Region Syddanmark are responsible for administering healthcare services in Southern Denmark and the region includes more than 20 municipalities and use Impero to ensure that employees have read and understood internal policies. Controls can be sent out to all employees and if needed, reminders can be sent out as well. As a result, Region Syddanmark can without much effort ensure that employees have signed ‘read and understood’ forms and they can easily update forms when needed.