Platform Highlights

Improve and automate the way you manage risk and compliance automation today.

Impero is the user-friendly compliance management platform that enables companies to easily manage risks and controls through automation to gain full overview and ensure efficient compliance.

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Risk Management


You will immediatly reduce the risk of errors or misconduct and enforce a strong reputation. With Impero, you can start small and gradually roll out the platform in your entire organization.

  • Map risks for your entire organization
  • Easily assess impact and likelihood of each risk
  • Automate risk mitigating initiatives and controls with workflows
  • Save time 
  • Risk map for easy overview

Digitize your external and internal controls. Automate your control setup to follow-up, documentation and reporting. Organize all tasks, controls and documents in just one place. 

  • Automate manual tasks, controls, and processes
  • Save a significant amount of time
  • Easily and intuitively set up any compliance controls
  • No login required for the person completing the control
  • Control completion is easily monitored


Transparency and trust go hand in hand. Empower stakeholders and bring accountability to all corners of your organization.

  • Automated and customizable reports
  • Drill-down features in all dashboards allow you to get a detailed overview
  • Get reports delivered directly to your email inbox
  • Concise key performance indicator (KPI) system


At Impero we say:
Not documented? Not done.

  • Documentation in a secure and easily accessible structure 
  • Clear audit trail 
  • Share the relevant documentation with any stakeholder
  • Your audit documentation is already in place, just give your auditor view access to Impero
  • Use Impero for internal audit as well as external  

Key features of Impero

Interactive dashboard

Instant visibility and reporting by region, country, process, year, status, subsidiary, and more.

Global workflow management

Consistent control framework providing you with visibility of your compliance progress.

Accurate and flexible reporting

Exportable reporting of all data customized to your needs.

Report KPI system

Concise KPI system allowing tracking and overview of key numbers.

Team collaboration

Connect and work directly with all global, regional, and country team members.

Scalability with SaaS

Cloud-based solution allowing complete roll-out to decentralized functions - anytime, anywhere.

Data collection and documentation

Flexible data evaluation according to your needs, e.g. tax risks, audit trails, feedback surveys.

Fast technical implementation

Quick and easy technical setup and friendly support.


At Impero, we adhere to the strictest data protecting measures both physically and digitally. 

You can trust in our platform, as it adheres to strict security standards, including a geo-redundant backup system with multi-region restoration of data.