Documentation and audit trail

Ensure a smooth audit process and establish the foundation for a culture of compliance.

All documentation in one place​

Stay on top of all regulations and compliance programs thanks to a central hub for all required documentation. Impero automatically archives documentation from all your controls and processes on a single platform.

Easy to navigate

Documentation is archived in Impero in an easily accessible, structured form. Historical and current documentation can be easily traced. Meta-data and a clear data hierarchy make it possible to navigate through your documentation in Impero quickly and in a user-friendly manner.

Share documentation with reviewers

Share your documented compliance with internal or external auditors, quickly and easily. With assigned reading rights, auditors can seamlessly trace the controls carried out and the documentation in Impero. Save time, money and reduce the number of meetings with our approach. The auditors no longer need to be physically present, saving costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Clear, comprehensible audit trails

Significantly reduce the time and effort required to provide auditors with requested data and documentation. When a task or control is carried out in Impero, it is automatically documented. No need to export and clean up data - you are ready.

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