Gain a full overview of compliance and risk management. Facilitate real-time data-driven decision making.

Facilitate real-time data-driven decision making

Reporting turns data into knowledge and overview, enabling better decisions and quick action. Impero’s concise key performance indicator (KPI) system allows tracking and overview of key numbers. This enables you to address compliance issues within your organization proactively.

Gain full overview

Customizable and automated reports are an integrated part of the Impero platform, giving you real-time status of risk and compliance processes. It is easy to get an overview, including completion statuses for entities, controls, and assignees.

Use Impero’s drill- down feature to define a detailed overview of the company’s compliance status. Obtain transparency for stakeholders across organizational lines. With reporting in Impero you will have all your compliance and risk management information in just one place.

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Build trust with customers, auditors and partners

Accurate, reliable, real-time data forms the foundation for executive reporting as well as reports across the organization.

Reports delivered directly to your inbox

Enjoy Impero’s push reports, which can be sent automatically to internal or external stakeholders. Reports can be one-off or on a recurring basis,  always sent straight to the inbox. Reports can be accessed directly from the link in the email.

Reporting is easy with pre-defined reports

Risk Management reporting module

Mitigate the risk of errors and misconduct through reliable finance and tax reporting and customized KPIs. See your risk map automatically update as risks are mitigated. Drill down to see a complete overview of impact and likelihood of risks and the specific risk mitigating controls and actions set in place.

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Turning data into knowledge

Enable your team to build customized and automated reports. It’s easy to build reports based on real-time data across business units, functions, and responsibilities. Organize data by programs and tags to filter the reporting view suited to your company’s needs. Workflows for reporting with preset approval levels and reminders are easy to set up. Exporting data from your reporting to Excel is easy and allows you to enrich your analysis with data from other sources.

Control workload across the organization

Gain quick overview of completion statuses for entities, controls and assignees. Use the reporting module to project the workload in each part of your organization and better plan ahead. Create a sustainable and transparent set-up where everyone knows what controls to perform and at what time, supporting full accountability.

Reporting with PowerBI

Build meaningful reports in Impero’s reporting module to track the status and quality of control roll-out and to report to management.

Integrate Impero and fetch data programmatically for you to report in your preferred business intelligence tool.

We have created a data model template specifically for Microsoft PowerBI to ease the integration and diminish your dependence on your IT department. This allows you to create your own dashboards in Microsoft PowerBI and automatically refresh with live data via the Impero API.

Join companies such as Greenland Ruby who save 10 days a month in producing monthly management reports by using Impero & PowerBI. 

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