Scale easily and ensure full
organizational adoption

Center your compliance management around a secure and 
easy-to-use platform that ensures full organizational adoption.

Quick implementation and organizational buy-in

Achieve full organizational buy-in with smooth and quick implementation based on user-friendly platform.

Easily scale and adjust your compliance setup by adding business units and controls in a simple way.

Cloud-based solution allowing complete roll-out to decentralized functions or third parties – anytime, anywhere.


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Enterprise-level security and cloud-based SaaS technology

All teams store and access documents and reports in one place built on state-of-the-art SaaS cloud technology.

Effortless implementation through quick and easy onboarding with minimal training required, world-class support and video tutorials.

Mirror existing processes, controls, and data structure and create multiple users and user groups with managed permission levels.

Uncompromising security levels

Highest levels of security with both data-at-rest and data-in-transit protected by default.

Only approved people and devices can access company information by implementing single-sign on or two-factor authentication features.

No login required for control performers – simply follow email links to complete controls.

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