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Reporting and documentation

Ensure a smooth audit process and establish the foundation for a true control-based audit to foster a culture of compliance

Reporting is easy with pre-defined reports

Establish documentation of your compliance program

Enable your team to build customized and automated reports based on real-time data across e.g. business units, functions and responsibilities

Enjoy automatic distribution of push reports recurrently or at specific times straight to your inbox

Benefit from a concise KPI system allowing tracking and overview of key numbers

Build trust with customers, auditors and partners

Accurate, reliable, real-time data forms the foundation for executive reporting as well as all reports across the organization

Document your processes and keep all your documentation in one place with permission levels to share with auditors

Stay on top of compliance programs by storing all required documentation within a single hub


Documentation is easy to upload. All your documentation in one place
Controls and tasks are easy to monitor

Manage and monitor all controls, tasks and documentation

Mitigate risks effectively and ensure high quality documentation with endless combinations of task types 

Gain quick overview of completion statuses for entities, controls and assignees

Set up easy workflows for reporting with preset approval levels and reminders