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Risk management

Take a proactive stance on compliance, reduce the risk of errors or misconduct and enforce a strong reputation

Map and monitor your risks and mitigating actions

Ensure compliance and risk mitigation of errors and misconduct through reliable finance and tax reporting and customized business KPIs 

Enable your team to prioritize and carry out the right risk mitigating activities to avoid excessive efforts and ensure focus on what’s relevant

Using the Risk Directory you can assess impact and likelihood and verify  that the risks requiring action are mitigated through a number of dedicated efforts

Mitigate risks across your organization

Reduce risks or errors and misconduct by managing controls and risks within the same platform across your organization

Create a sustainable finance and tax management program ensuring full accountability across functions

Mitigate high impact and high likelihood risks through targeted efforts within your Risk Directory

Risk management, mitigating actions

Streamline your compliance activities

Through dedicated efforts you can verify and document risks requiring action are in fact mitigated 

Proactively mitigate the risk of audit remarks with a platform that ensures concise and accurate audit trails 

Gain quick overview of all risks and processes as well as their mapping and mitigating actions – all within the same hub