Ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation?

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Companies handling personal data will be affected by the new EU regulation for General Data Protection, which will take effect from 2018.

The regulation contains a long list of requirements that companies must meet. An important instrument that companies will need to have in place in order to meet these requirements will be a strong set of internal controls which continuously are monitored and adapted to fit the dynamics of the company as business processes change, new systems come and others go, new needs for storage and retention of personal data etc.

Impero is an optimal solution for running internal controls. Its primary focus is to keep things simple. Use Impero for assessing your company’s maturity level in relation to the new requirements! With a minimum of effort, Impero will run relevant controls ensuring that your company is compliant with the new regulation.

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We are happy to help with ideas and advice on how to handle the new regulations fast and efficient.