Optimize your Three Lines of Defense

The Three Lines of Defense model is a framework designed to facilitate an effective risk management process across the entire company. In practical terms making sure that all parts of the company operate in concert is a complex process.

Register for our recorded complimentary webinar and learn how Impero can strengthen and simplify your integrated risk management process. We will give you valuable insights and practical knowledge from our Impero experts and partners.

Risk Directory presentation


Are you also keen on taking good care of your business? One of many means to achieve exactly that is to proactively manage your risks through effective control management.

This webinar guides you through the risk management, control management and reporting module of the Impero platform, touching on:

  • What are typical challenges and what solutions does Impero offer
  • The link between the risk management, control management and reporting module
  • Risk assessment in Impero
  • Setting up mitigating actions
  • Setting up tasks and controls
  • Examples of customized reporting
  • Produce high quality documentation, which is always easy to find

Why join this webinar?

  • Learn how to embed the defense model into day-to-day operation by leveraging the Impero platform
  • Hear about best-practice solutions to typical risk management challenges
    • One integrated process with aligned and agreed controls to address up-to-date risks
    • Sharing assurance across defense lines
    • Pivoted reporting based on meta-data to support all types of requests from all defense lines
  • See for yourself how the integrated risk management process can become automated workflows with just a few clicks

Further information

Do you have any questions regarding this webinar, please write to us at mail@impero.com


Your hosts are:

Kristian Bollerup, LEGO Group

Kristian Bollerup is Head of Corporate Risk and Internal Audit at LEGO Group. Kristian has decades of experience in external and internal audit, internal controls and integrated risk management from large, international companies. Kristian has hands-on experience with challenges of integrated assurance.

Jeanne Koch Rasmussen is Business Development Director, bringing a decade of experience in the risk management and compliance field. Jeanne focuses on simplifying ways of working for companies through digitized automation of tasks and controls with intuitive workflows.

Morten Christensen is Head of Customer Support and with his team onboards Impero’s new customers while supporting existing ones. Morten ensures continuously delivering an optimal experience for Impero users.